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We strive to be the best and most complete Tree Service Company in all of Houston. We pride ourselves on being able to handle any job – no matter how tough it is. Or even what type of tree care job it is. When you call in a Houston tree service company, you should be able to trust that they will deliver a high level of service in order to make your home or business landscaping shine.  This includes having the best tree service team and the best tree care tools. This ensures that the project will be completed with excellence and in a timely fashion. We understand that you don’t want one of those big work trucks and chippers parked out in front of you house for any longer than is absolutely necessary. We’ll get in, get the job done right the first time and then get out so you can go on enjoying your beautiful yard!
There are many reasons not to go with one of those fly-by-night tree service companies. Some guys buy a couple of tools at Lowes and call themselves a Houston tree service company. But they lack the expertise and experience to deliver top quality services and do so safely. We’ve seen the results so often of well-intentioned, but ill-equipped people. They can be ugly. So go with who you trust – go with Houston Tree Trimmers.


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Texas can have some nasty weather from time to time. And sometimes that nasty weather leaves mess. If you have a tree that has been struck by lightning or has been uprooted, that tree needs to be removed quickly. Not only is it an eye sore, but most importantly, it is a safety hazard. Never assume that a tree whose integrity has been compromised is safe. Don’t put your children or customers at risk of the tree becoming completely dislodged and falling. It could easily damage parked cars, physical property or even a person. It’s not worth the risk. Call Houston Tree Service Company today.
Tree removal service can also be crucial and absolutely necessary for a number of other reasons, including the extracting dead or diseased trees. These trees are not just an eye sore, but a safety issue as well. Once a tree has died, it’s limbs because hard, brittle and extremely fragile. It doesn’t take much of wind to bring it down. Also, little children who love climbing trees won’t realize that the branch is brittle and isn’t able to support their weight. This can lead to dangerous situations. Don’t take a chance. Have it removed. It’ just not worth the risk of injury to a person or property.

Houston Tree Pruning and Trimming Service

We’ve all had trees and bushes that have gotten away from us. And before we knew it had overgrown our yard and become terribly unsightly. And not just because they become overgrown; trees can and will often grow in strange and unusual ways. We’ve all seen that one tree that catches our attention as we’re driving down the road – for all the wrong reasons. Don’t be that property owner. Have people talking about your landscaping for all the right reasons!
When left unattended to grow uncontrolled, not only is this visually unsightly, but it also puts the tree at risk. Trees are weighed down by extra debris will eventually die. Also, when trees and bushes are not properly trimmed and maintained, they become prime targets to be infested by insects. That’s why periodic maintenance thru pruning, trimming and thinning is so vital. Houston Tree Service Company is skilled and reducing the size of the tree so that it not only remains healthy and vibrant, but also continues to provide the optimum aesthetic look and feel. We know how to strategically remove the right branches so that your tree is healthy and looks great! We proudly handle all residential and commercial tree pruning projects.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal in Houston, TX

Have you gotten most of the job done yourself, but now need a little help from Houston Tree Service experts to finish it up? No problem! We’re here to serve you. First off, let us say great job for getting so much of the hard work done! We’ll take it from here. There’s no reason for you to risk injury while you get that ugly stump out. We know what you’re thinking, “if I could only get down to the roots I could chain it to my truck and yank it out.” We get it. We’d probably do that too. But there’s no reason to risk hurting yourself or your truck. Let us take it from here.
We have the equipment and tools to get that stump out of your yard quickly and safely and with as little damage to the yard as possible. Best of all, we are the most affordable tree stump removal professionals in town! We’ve got all the cool tools and stump grinders. If you’re a tool guy like us, you’ll love watching our stump grinder work – it’s really cool. But no, sorry, you can’t run it. We’d love to let you, but our insurance company would not be happy with us.
Please don’t just leave that stump sitting there. Not only is it ugly and a hazard for your kids, friends or customers, but it’s also a breeding ground for insects and will eventually become a hiding spot for critters. Call Houston Tree Service Company today and we’ll have the stump removed quickly and safely.

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